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How to clear an email blockage.

  1. In Internet explorer go to
  2. DO NOT enter your mail address her but click on "Advanced Login" .
  3. At the next screen you will need to enter three things.
  4. Firstly your mail server address. This will be your main website/email address with the word mail (plus full stop) at the front e.g.
  5. Then put in your full email address e.g. NOTE if you collect all mail and distribute it locally you will need to go to the main mailbox. This is normally called root, e.g.
  6. You will then need to enter your mailbox password
  7. Click on POP3 if not already selected then click on "Check Mail" tosee your mail messages. These are usually in reverse order with latest at the top.
  8. If a mail is blocking your queue it is most likely to be the one at the bottom of the list. You can open it by double clicking on it or delete it by clicking on the check box then clicking delete.
  9. Mails with large attachments over about 500k can cause your connect ion to "time out" and hence block you mail.
  10. Clearing the latest mail should free your mailbox. If not check all the messages then delete all from here.
  11. PLEASE NOTE that deleting messages here permanently deletes them from your mailbox and you CANNOT collect them later.

How to configure your Windows connection.

  1. Open the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop.
  2. Open the 'Dial-Up Networking' folder.
  3. Open the 'Make a new connection' folder.
  4. Enter a name for the connection e.g. 'Briefclick Dial Up'. Press 'Next >'
  5. Enter 0845 (if it's not already entered) as the area code and 6042367 as the Telephone number and press 'Next>'.
  6. Press 'Finish'. All done.
  7. To start surfing. Right click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop and select 'Properties' from the pop-up menu.
  8. Select the 'Connections' tab near the top of the panel.
  9. Select the name of the connection you created above and click 'Settings'.
  10. At the bottom of the panel enter the user name and password we supplied. Do not select any of the other settings. Press 'OK'.
  11. Select 'Always dial my connection'
  12. Click 'Set as default'.
  13. Click 'Apply'.
  14. Click 'OK' and you are all set.

How to configure Outlook 2000

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Select Tools then Accounts. Make sure the 'Mail' tab is selected.
  3. Select Add then/Mail.
  4. In the Display Name box type your name. Press 'Next >'.
  5. In the E-mail Address type in the address we have provided or an address you have set up in your domain control panel. Press 'Next >'.
  6. Make sure the 'POP3' is selected in the 'My incoming mail server is a'.
  7. In the first text box enter 'mail.yourdomainname' where yourdomainname is without the 'www' in front e.g. ''.
  8. In the second text box enter 'smtp..yourdomainname' where yourdomainname is without the 'www' in front e.g. ''. Press 'Next >'.
  9. In the 'Account Name' box enter your 'name@yourdomainname' e.g.
  10. In the 'Password' box enter the password we have provided or you have entered in the control panel account set up. Press 'Next >'.
  11. Select the way you intend to access the Internet. If we have provided you with a dial up account select 'Connect using my phone line.'. Press 'Next >'.
  12. If you choose 'Connect using my phone line' on the previous screen you will now be looking at the 'Choose Modem' screen. The active modem will automatically appear in the box so you just need to press 'Next >'. If nothing is appearing in the box you don't have a modem installed on the so the previous steps were a bit of a waste.
  13. Press 'Finish'. Congratulations, you've created a new account.
  14. Just a few things to check. If you have more than one account defined you may want to make your new account the default, this means that out going mail will be sent from this account, highlight the account and click the 'Set as default' button on the right of the panel. Again if you have other accounts defined there is an option to receive or not receive mail from each account when you 'Send/Receive'. To access this option highlight the account, click 'Properties' and you find the click box 'Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing' at the bottom of the panel .

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